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Theodore A. Bailey was born in Keyport, NJ and was a farmer in Holmdel.  He married Martha Roberts from New York.  Together they had four children

  • Theodore G. (1899-1999)
  • Harry A. (1902-1980)
  • Stella (1905-1983)
  • Edyth (1907-1996)

Theodore G. Bailey was born in 1899, son of Theodore A. and Martha Bailey.  He was a lifelong resident of Holmdel.  Theodore G. started farming Indian Hill Farm along with his father in 1920 for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manee.  Theodore G. and his wife Anna (1902-1979) lived in the tenant house on the property where they raised their two children:-

  • Augustus (1921-2002)
  • Marie (1922-1986)

Mr. and Mrs. Manee continued living in the main house until 1946 when they retired to Florida.  Theodore and his son Augustus continued to farm the property for Mr. and Mrs. Manee.  Augustus Bailey and Eva Dean married and moved into the main house and were the caretakers of the farm until 1948 wherein Theodore and his wife Anna inherited the property from The Manee’s.

In 1953, when the parkway was built, Theodore now had the two homes and some of the smaller farm buildings.  The main house had to be moved approximately 600 feet to make way for the parkway.  As the main house was being moved it tilted off the trailer.  The movers then decided to rest the house on greased timbers, hooking the house to a tractor and pulling the house to its present location on Bailey Lane.

Although Theodore and his son continued to farm the property until the 1980’s, the property, excluding the houses, was sold to a developer in the 1960’s along with the neighboring Ackerson farm.  A development was built on both properties with the Holmdel Swim Club at the end of Bailey Lane.

Theodore and Augustus “Gus” Bailey both drove school buses for the Holmdel Board of Education.  Gus Bailey became the Transportation Supervisor and his wife Eva was his assistant until their retirement in 1986.

Gus’ and Eva’s daughters, Adele, Susan and Kathy presently reside in the family homes on Bailey Lane.


The Bailey Farm
Early 1960's

The Bailey Homes
Photo 1 - May 1943
Theodore G. Bailey and wife, Anna

Photo 2 - 1946
Theodore G. Bailey, son, Augustus and daughter, Marie

Photo 3 - August 1953
The move of the house from one side of the street to the other.