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Images of America:
Holmdel and Pleasant Valley

By:  Gerald V. Ceres - $25

The Holmdel Historical Society (HHS) is proud that Mr. Ceres' book has been reprinted and is now available for $25 (includes shipping)  through the HHS.  

You can place your order by contacting

The Holmdel Historical Society -

Checks made payable to:-

Holmdel Historical Society
P.O. Box. 282
Holmdel, NJ  07733

Commemorative Bottles

In the 1980's the Holmdel Historical Society contracted with Clevenger Brothers Glass Works of Clayton, New Jersey, to produce  several different bottles.  Clevenger Brothers makes glass bottles that are hand-made and mouth blown.  The current batch that is for sale is described below. 

Amber - 3x4x9" - $30

North American Log Cabin, Holmdel Township - 1857-1982.  Celebrating 125 years, Smock Farm S. Holmdel, Hornet's Nest Revolutionary War Years.

Image is of cannon and cannon balls in center

North American Log Cabin, Longsteet Farmhouse Holmdel Park, Circa 1770 Holmdel, NJ, Holmdel Historical Society.

Image of Longstreet Farmhouse in center.

Clevenger Bros. Glass Works, Clayton, NJ

Cost is $30.

Sketchbook of
Historic Holmdel - $25

The paperback book was published and copyrighted by members of the Holmdel Historical Society in 1976.  It contains 64 pages packed with historical information about the town and includes more than 60 pictures, maps, advertisements and more.

Cost is $25 (including shipping and handling).

You can place your order by contacting

The Holmdel Historical Society -

Checks made payable to:-

Holmdel Historical Society
P.O. Box. 282
Holmdel, NJ  07733

Glass Sun Catcher​​​ Ornament - $10

The small, pristine Glass Sun Catcher features the original medical office of Dr. Robert W. Cooke.  The medical office is now situated on the corner of McCampbell & Middletown Roads  It was built in 1823 by Dr. Robert W. Cooke.  The original location was beside the palatial colonial home across McCampbell Road. In 1994 they moved the medical office to its' present location, next to The Village School.

Cost is $10.00 (including shipping and handling).


The Holmdel Historical Society had postcards printed by William H. Becker, Inc. of Keyport in 1975.  Each card is a different historic scene of Holmdel  Each card measures 3.5' x 5.5' and are black and white prints.  These postcards are for sale at $1.00 each. 

1.  Ely Mill, 1829
        by Carl Zellers
2.  Gideon Daly Race Track & Stables, 1890-1912
         by Marion Phillips
3.  The Holmdel Inn
          by Marion Phillips
4.  Hance's General Store, 1800's
          by Marion Phillips
5.  Old Ste. Catharine's Church, 1879
           by Terry Fogarty
6.  Hendrickson House, c1694
            by George Herrmann
7.  Dr. Robert Cooke's Medical Office, c1823
            by George Herrmann
8.  Alex Guy General Store, c1873
            by Marion Phillips

St. Catharine's Note Cards
These blank note cards are drawings by Peg McEowen of the Old St. Catharine's Church on Stillwell Road.  These are sold for $1.00 each including envelope
Map of Holmdel
Holmdel Village
This is a reprint of Pet McEowen's drawing of Holmdel Village, c1900.   Cost is $20.00 each
Reprint of an 1873 Map of Holmdel with names. - $10.00 each